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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Joshua at Jericho

Trumpets blast and the Hebrews roar and the walls come tumbling down. In this scene Joshua raises his sword in triumph as the walls of Jericho come crashing down. All will be put to the sword. No living thing will be left alive. Joshua here is based on the artist Jonny Schumates image. Joshua is heavily converted from Castaway Arts Indian figure applying kilt and armour with Mad Robot Miniatures head. Trumpets are from Castaway Arts colonial range on Hebrew command. Rest figures are Foundry and one Cutting Edge. Very happy with this dramatic base and great fun planning and making. Really enjoyed converting Joshua with Green Stuff.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Actual images from Beni Hassan

Thought I would put in the actual (copies of) the images I was tying to create.

Amorites From Beni Hassan

Below are my conversion to create Amorite (sand dwellers) that are featured on Middle kingdo m Eyptian Beni Hassan tombs. No one makes figures to match those exact images, so I had a go at converting some. Heads are from Mad Robot Miniatures that look IMHO very like those Amorite images. Bodies were converted from Perry plastic Sudan. Doubt if I will ever be a great sculpter but pleased how these turned out. They will from skirmisher unit in my Middle Kingdom Egyptian army. Due to larger perry plastic size, they will have to be kept in own unit only. Last figure body is Essex miniatures. Extra interesting features are the duck bill axes (sculpted onto wire) on two figures and throw sticks (already on Perry figures).

Amorite Conversions