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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hammurabic Spear

Here is a fine unit of Hammurabic Babylonian spear.  Spearmen from this period can also be represented with javelin and axe or sword.  King Hammurabi well as giving us the Law Code was a prolific campaigner and conquered all of Mesopotamia.  Enemies would have looked mostly similar.
Chariots were simple rail types and fewer in number compared to later Empires eg Mitanni and Hittites.
I have chosen to give these regulars uniform red kilts to contrast from my Sumerian and Akkadians.  These are all Cutting Edge 28mm.  I do like upright spear mostly.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Moses Battles the Amalakites

In this scene Moses urges the Isrealite army into battle against the dreaded Amalakites.  Before the conquests of Joshua the Hebrew warriors were gaining valuable fighting experience.
As long as Moses can keep his staff in the air victory, with the hand of God would be assured.  Moses chose a high point to be visible to the army.
Here we have a nice mix of Foundry and Cutting Edge with the Moses figure from Castaway Arts.  This base is done again Impetus style but would look nice as part of a bigger unit and of course an army!  The Hebrew army of this period would have been very similar to Cannanites and no defeated enemies equipment would have been wasted.