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Monday, 21 March 2016

Assyrian Heavy Spearmen

2 units of the wonderful Foundry Assryians. Painted most of these a while back. Not as well painted as some I have seen, but need to progress on and happy with overall unit look. The bases are from Big Red Bat to go with To The Strongest Rules. I like the look of spearmen centred on base like this. This is the 3rd time they been rebased over the years and the last!!!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Uratian Army WIP

Thought I would show some of the work in progress for Urartian army. Here are converted Mede provincial troops for Relic Numidians and a couple of Foundry Babylonians. Relic are quite slim so I bulked up hair to give more Foundry proportions and this was further helped by sheepskin/fur cape. These are based on various early Mede images form Assyrian reliefs which show both long tunic and boots as well as short tunic without boots and some fringes also. The Guard unit is made from Foundry Assyrians with more pointed helmets(green stuff) based on Urartian helmet examples. Shields are from Irregular/Eureka to give different look. These may also serve as foot Babylonian guard.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Elamite Chariot

Here the Elamite Army for To The Strongest rules, slowly takes shape with addition of 1st Elamite chariot/kallapani cart. this is one of my early Army Painter jobs that was just needing base finished. This is from the 28mm Eureka range with 2 added donkeys. I perhaps should have modelled the yoke to fit over extra donkeys...too late now. This chariot is packed with bowmen. The reliefs show a driver with 3 crew but I do like the packed archers look. The debate is... did they fire from mobile carts or hop off to deliver massive bow fire. Of course both tactics are possible. I will have 3x units of 2 chariots and one unit will be the Foundry Assyrian carts (which can be heavy armed archers). The nobles (mentioned in text) will be Assyrian style heavy chariots as would be likely.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Elamite Army

Keen to see foot print my Elamite army for To The Strongest would take up. This is 131 points with 15cm grid and Impetus unit size in mind. The table is 5 foot 5 inches long and 3 foot. Gives good indication how 6 by 4 foot would be. Seem tight and not much space for terrain. Units are forced into reserve by table width but may be good for tactics etc. With 6 Kallapani Carts and 2 nobles chariots it is going to look good IMHO when finished.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Elamite Cavalry

Ashurbanipal receives messengers at the royal court warning the Elamites are mustering a large army intent on crushing the Assyrians. Ashurpanipal quietly absorbs the news. The master of war has been waiting for this opportunity to once more glorify himself and the nation in battle......He stands up form the throne with fire in his eyes.."Let there be war" Painted up these fine Cavalry quite a few years ago. Will multi base them into units of 5 later for To The Strongest (Impetus sizes as usual). The figures are from Eureka 28mm Elamite range. Some very nice detail on them and go well with Foundry Assyrian range. They could also serve as Babylonians.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Elamite Foot guard

Here is my representation of Elamite guards. I feel it likely that such a unit could appear in NeoElamite armies during the Assyria wars. In reliefs only foot archers appear which were likely to be the majority of the army. I used some of Victrix plastic Carthaginians mainly adding Assyrian style shields and creating some Urartian style helmets which were in use all over the Near East. I chose mixed colours as no actual evidence of clothing colours available for Elamite. Did couple of off white/buff tunic as done by Angus McBride. This unit is the start of my To The Strongest army to face Assyrians. These rules allow nice impetus size units and basing freedom in the grid system.