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Monday, 15 February 2016

Uratian Army WIP

Thought I would show some of the work in progress for Urartian army. Here are converted Mede provincial troops for Relic Numidians and a couple of Foundry Babylonians. Relic are quite slim so I bulked up hair to give more Foundry proportions and this was further helped by sheepskin/fur cape. These are based on various early Mede images form Assyrian reliefs which show both long tunic and boots as well as short tunic without boots and some fringes also. The Guard unit is made from Foundry Assyrians with more pointed helmets(green stuff) based on Urartian helmet examples. Shields are from Irregular/Eureka to give different look. These may also serve as foot Babylonian guard.


  1. Wow, you paint on the base! Isn't that hard?

    I've always wanted a unit of round-shield guards.

  2. Simon..Painting based is madness but inspires me once I see how the unit is placed. Will not manage to paint rest of guard unit though with shields based up as too big to get behind with the brush.
    Cheers Mike starting to get braver with Green stuff.

  3. Nice conversion WIP, Colin. Boy those shields surely were big. For the record, the Assyrian Osprey is one of my favorites for the McBride illustrations.

  4. THey look great, nice conversion job!


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