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Friday, 1 August 2014

NKE and Libyan war

NKE and Libyan war

Ancient Egypt comes under attack form angry tribes of Libyans looking settle in the more fertile lands of the Nile as their own land become more arid.
Here a unit of archers foolishly allows themselves to cut off from the main force.  The commander screams at the men to loosen off arrows like rain.  The trumpet man desperately signals for help. As the Libyans close in for close combat death on will be their only fate.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

North Star NKE Comparison

Here I have placed North Star alongside Cutting Edge  and Foundry mix.

North Star Egyptian Bowmen

Finally I have got round to painting up the North Star NKE bow done as usual Impteus style and Army painter.  Did have issue dusty/whiteout varnish though!!!
The base skin is too light and should have stuck with usual dwarf flesh as base tone even though in reality is to light but looks good.
Love the heft and character of North Star. Put some Cutting Edge with Foundry viginette side by side. Although North Star much bigger they look ok in separate unit. Bowmen for Cutting Edge are best for mixing with other ranges.

North Star Egyptian Bowmen

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Babylonian Army Assembled

Gathered together my Hammurabic Babylonian for Clash of Empires battle(around 2600 points).  Quite a bit painting to do it seems.  As I am used to looking at Impetus size armies... this one seems big.  In the second picture Hammurabi is on foot beside his men to show he will not run away in a chariot.  Chariots were limited at this period anyway.  Majority of figures are Cutting Edge with some Foundry and couple of Castaway Arts

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

More Sumerian Foot Comparison

Here are some more shots.  The bowmen are Cutting Edge Gutian/Highlanders.  Although more petite, in separate unit on the rocks etc. I feel they blend in well and have nice animation. 

Sumerian Infantry Comparison

Here is some shots of my Sumerian Army which has been in progress for years.  I have mixed in many manufactures and they blend in well when carefully selected.  Best foot overall are Foundry in terms of nice heft and detail.  I have therefore made other manufactures blend in with them. One unit (blue shields) are however Newline with Eureka in back row and command Cutting Edge.
Bald standard bearer is Castaway Arts and some command is Bears Den. Hardest to blend in is excellent but slim, smaller headed Cutting Edge and as such thier numbers are reduced.
Also mixing gives that City State feel of differing equipment form each state coming together to form an army.
In conclusion I am happy I have finally come to my arranged bases.  I spent many months torn between Cutting Edge and my other ranges.  I would have preferred more heft and larger heads for Cutting Edge as that has more appeal at distance e.g. Hicks, Copplestone, Saleh, Aventine etc. Eureka sculpts are not up to newer standard but worth looking through. Castaway are his early sculpts but worth looking at some of the gems in there.  Newline are bit wooden but again some very nice stuff.  Bears Den nice command but out of business.
All together a nice variety is possible for this period in 28mm with careful selection. All painted up in same style will further help blend of ranges.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sumerian chariot comparison

Here is another shot of various chariots.
Back row left to right. Castaway Arts, Cutting Edge, Castaway Arts, Cutting Edge, Cutting Edge.

Here we have left to right front. Cutting Edge(with Castaway Arts crew), Cutting Edge, Castaway Arts, Castaway Arts, Newline and Eureka.

Sumerian Chariot Mix

I have gathered together my various collection of Sumerian chariots to see how they match.  Although I have been a big fan of Cutting Edge I still like the variety offered by others.
Like knights and hoplites etc I suppose chariots would vary slightly in overtime as well as city to city.

Of course there is also captured chariots and crossover periods etc. I was quite surprised how well they mix in.  Cutting Edge foot are petite next to eg Foundry Sumerian spear but chariots with crew as you can see here are no problem mixing.
All have something to offer and crews can be swaped around.  My favourite overall is Castaway Arts as like the attitude and animation of donkeys. Just pity front apron was not added. Castaway crew have best sculpted fleece and king is a must have.  Next I will be looking at foot and I have relooked at what Eureka has to offer.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Nubian Bowmen

No Ancient Egyptian army is complete without these colourful allies. They probably served as line bow units as well as skirmishers. Army Painter again on these wonderful Foundry sculpts.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sea Peoples

Probably my favourite Biblical warriors. Don't know why I took so long to get some on here. Too many other distractions. Together with some of best ever Perry/Foundry sculpts are the new Sea Peoples from North Star 28mm new Chariot range. I think they blend together very well.