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Saturday, 19 July 2014

North Star NKE Comparison

Here I have placed North Star alongside Cutting Edge  and Foundry mix.


  1. I like the fact so many of your units have individuality in the figures. It must be hard work trawling through web sites looking for them.
    Your painting is pleasing to the eye also.
    Good work

  2. Excellent NKE Colin! The North Star figures look great - like the mix of figures.

  3. Great mix of figures; your brushwork makes them blend well together. Best, Dean

  4. I was expecting the size difference to be much more visible, but in different units it looks minimal. Good to know...

  5. Thanks guys. Using same painting and basing seems to really help. I did initially think North Star would just be too big to mix but on separate bases it works ok.
    The spearmen will be more of a challenge as the shields are very big.
    Peter.....I love the chance to any 28mm biblicals that are available. I have spent many hours deciding which figures to choose and how best to mix. I could just stick to one manufacturer to save myself stress but cant resist the increasing choice of sculpts.