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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hyksos WIP

Thought I would show work in progress for Hyksos army. It is kind of Clash of Empires meets Basic Impetus in army size. Gaming buddies are very much into Clash of Empires and have plenty figures in many periods for large armies. I love Impetus style basing and nice army sizes. Opens up many periods and armies without too much money and painting etc. Agreement is 1000 point armies using Clash of Empires using cutting minimum and maximum unit sizes and break numbers by 50%. Result is fine size army that should still give decent game and easily altered for Basic Impetus if required. This army is pretty close to what I would put on for Basic Impetus. Still looks like an army to me and of course allows some gaming company when I get the chance to game. Figures are all Cutting Edge with a Castaway Arts in there somewhere.