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Monday, 30 January 2012

Samson Smites The Philistines

Behold the wrath of God.  Samson the mighty Hebrew warrior destroys an army of 1000 Philistine with the jaw bone of an ass.  The evil Philistines lay broken upon the ground.
This base was inspired by the 1950s movie with Victor Mature as Samson.  I loved this film as kid as well as the great story.

The Philistines are Perry Sudan casualties with MDS heads.  Samson (that powerful looking fellow on the rock) is from Eureka and not too unlike Victor Mature I think.  The other Hebrew warriors are Cutting Edge and will form part of my Early Hebrew army.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Mitanni Spearmen

I am very happy with latest base.  Officer pointing is Foundry and rest are Cutting Edge.  These are regular Mitanni spear but can have several uses eg Syrian/Cannanite guard or King Saul's better soldiers or King Davids picked men.
I chose all metal helmets to give them some shine rather than leather.  I feel better equiped Hebrews would have taken equipment from captured/killed chariot crew as well as foot soldiers.
I slightly raised up bases on thin card to give more hight/elite look.  The full armoured man 2nd from right is a spare early chariot crewman.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year plans and all

 I have been taking in too much food and fine wine to give time to getting on with some more bases of figures.  So need to get back to work!!
I am slowly working on some Mitanni line infantry which should turn out well.  Great sculpting again from Cutting Edge with a Foundry officer to make up numbers. Also made up one the new Hittite 3 man chariots and looks exellent.
I have made a small purchase of Perry Sudan Fuzzi Wuzzi casualties to make a fun base, based on a classic hollywood biblical movie....... More soon.