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Monday, 16 January 2012

Mitanni Spearmen

I am very happy with latest base.  Officer pointing is Foundry and rest are Cutting Edge.  These are regular Mitanni spear but can have several uses eg Syrian/Cannanite guard or King Saul's better soldiers or King Davids picked men.
I chose all metal helmets to give them some shine rather than leather.  I feel better equiped Hebrews would have taken equipment from captured/killed chariot crew as well as foot soldiers.
I slightly raised up bases on thin card to give more hight/elite look.  The full armoured man 2nd from right is a spare early chariot crewman.


  1. Excellent Colin - very colorful base of Mitanni! I've only got some of the Foundry figures of these.

  2. Very nice!

    Is that the standard 12cm Impetus base?

  3. Cheers guys for comments. The next base should be good fun. I have really enjoyed putting it together... more on that soon.
    El Greco..Yes it is 12cm impetus base size. Can also be 12 eg 2x6 or even 18 man unit eg 6x3 for WAB or COE. I feel deeper bases really show figures well.