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Monday, 30 January 2012

Samson Smites The Philistines

Behold the wrath of God.  Samson the mighty Hebrew warrior destroys an army of 1000 Philistine with the jaw bone of an ass.  The evil Philistines lay broken upon the ground.
This base was inspired by the 1950s movie with Victor Mature as Samson.  I loved this film as kid as well as the great story.

The Philistines are Perry Sudan casualties with MDS heads.  Samson (that powerful looking fellow on the rock) is from Eureka and not too unlike Victor Mature I think.  The other Hebrew warriors are Cutting Edge and will form part of my Early Hebrew army.


  1. Great job! Good composition, interesting story. Portrays the hero very well.

  2. Great Job! I like this a lot! I've been wanting to get into biblicals myself. Are these based for Impetus?

  3. Great idea using the Perry figs with headswops - lovely unit.

  4. Atom Kid-yes they are based for impetus but I will using for COE and it will count as 12 man unit or even 18 at a push. I am using smal units halfing minimums and maximums to allow this type of basing.

  5. Hi Ramases,
    I'm a wargamer from Italy.
    I'm interested in chariot wars too, but I'm not able to find a set of rules that is for me satisfiyng.
    I knows Impetus, Field of Glory, Archon, but all rely on impetus for chariots, instead of using them as firing platforms with ebb and flow movements.
    I saw You'r using COE, what set of rules is that? How are chariots working on it?

  6. Abikapi2- I will be gaming Clash of Empires(COE) on Saturday with Egyptians v Sumerians and I will give small battle report after that.
    Probably these rules still, like all rules, do not fully capture "ebb and flow".