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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Syrian Captives

Here we have some unfortunate chariot crew been taken for ransom.  Better than losing a hand I suppose.  I have been  meaning to use the Perry/Foundry viginette for years.  Now it is very useful as part of unit and can be classed as 12 to 18 bow men for COE or WAB ie 3x6 or indeed Impetus. Bowmen are Cutting Edge.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Here is the start of small blog form an obsessive biblical warfare fan.  I am new to blogging and will tidy things up as I learn.  I love nice bases and have been very heavily influenced by Saxon Dog's work over the years as well as others.
I love the Impetus basing style as it allows diorama without lots of figures for armies.  Perfect of slow painters who love nice looking figures.  I use Army Painter these days so do not expect amazing painting but just nice bases of figures.  I am very keen on the new and ever multiplying ranges from Cutting Edge so will be mostly using them but along with some of my earlier collections.