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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Syrian Captives

Here we have some unfortunate chariot crew been taken for ransom.  Better than losing a hand I suppose.  I have been  meaning to use the Perry/Foundry viginette for years.  Now it is very useful as part of unit and can be classed as 12 to 18 bow men for COE or WAB ie 3x6 or indeed Impetus. Bowmen are Cutting Edge.


  1. The Army Painter works really well on both the linen and skin - can I ask what AP 'tone' you've used and over what base colour for the flash?
    Thanks, Simon.

  2. Hi Simon.
    I used Games Workshop Dwarf Flesh over white primer(Simoniz acrylic car primer from Halfords-great grit free cover). AP is strong tone. In the flesh the skin less red than photo and looks better. Flesh applied not too thick over white does its own highlight.
    I did consider actual highlighting as some others recommend but the result was so pleasing I left as is with deep shading which looks good at distance on battle table.
    Of course the skin tone is too light I suppose for Egyptians but I use this on all Biblicals to keep things simple.