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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sumerian Chariot Mix

I have gathered together my various collection of Sumerian chariots to see how they match.  Although I have been a big fan of Cutting Edge I still like the variety offered by others.
Like knights and hoplites etc I suppose chariots would vary slightly in overtime as well as city to city.

Of course there is also captured chariots and crossover periods etc. I was quite surprised how well they mix in.  Cutting Edge foot are petite next to eg Foundry Sumerian spear but chariots with crew as you can see here are no problem mixing.
All have something to offer and crews can be swaped around.  My favourite overall is Castaway Arts as like the attitude and animation of donkeys. Just pity front apron was not added. Castaway crew have best sculpted fleece and king is a must have.  Next I will be looking at foot and I have relooked at what Eureka has to offer.

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