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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Babylonian Army Assembled

Gathered together my Hammurabic Babylonian for Clash of Empires battle(around 2600 points).  Quite a bit painting to do it seems.  As I am used to looking at Impetus size armies... this one seems big.  In the second picture Hammurabi is on foot beside his men to show he will not run away in a chariot.  Chariots were limited at this period anyway.  Majority of figures are Cutting Edge with some Foundry and couple of Castaway Arts


  1. Impressive looking army Colin! I'm doing two sides for my Amorites - two divisions each in Hail Caesar but will run small chariot units of three models.

  2. Looking good, Colin. Makes to want to play my Myceanaeans again - with Hail Caesar. Best, Dean

  3. Great Stuff! I'm painting also Ancient, but in Scale 1:72