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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Elamite Army

Keen to see foot print my Elamite army for To The Strongest would take up. This is 131 points with 15cm grid and Impetus unit size in mind. The table is 5 foot 5 inches long and 3 foot. Gives good indication how 6 by 4 foot would be. Seem tight and not much space for terrain. Units are forced into reserve by table width but may be good for tactics etc. With 6 Kallapani Carts and 2 nobles chariots it is going to look good IMHO when finished.


  1. Nice looking far!

  2. Yes looking very good! Has inspired me to do some basing myself.

  3. Impressive army arrayed, Colin. I should think the chariots would be the main concern for maneuvering.


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