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Friday, 6 July 2012

Mitanni Chariot

"The Chariot lords have come upon us and terrible was their wrath.  Their bronze scaled armour covered body and chariot and glistened in the sun.  Many fell pierced with arrow and those who ran were cut down with sword, spear or chariot wheel."

This amazing model (28mm) from Cutting Edge really looks great.  Fantastic detail especially on the scale armour.  These really were to the knight of thier day armed to the teeth.  Suitable of course for Cannanites and Syrians etc. Untrained levy often shieldless must have been very worried to face them.

These were the best of nobel warriors leaving enemies no choice but copy arms and tactics or face destruction.  Again done with block colours and Army Painter.


  1. I'm very impressed with this figure : details, painting, base, all is great...even the text! That's a wonderful work!

  2. oooooh lovely ! going to have a much closer look at this range I think. Thinking of another bronze age project....mmmmm

  3. Excellent work Colin, good to see the Mitanni are as outstanding as the other Cutting Edge ranges. I think the only other companies who do Mitanni are Foundry and Magister Militum?

  4. Colin, thought I should be an official follower of your site, being such a fan. Excellent painting job there. One of the best you've done. Will have to add it to the cutting edge gallery. Cyrus, Magister only do a chariot and a couple of infantry for Mitanni - all in the largish size.

  5. Thanks guys. Cant recommend these new chariots enough. A jot to paint and view when done.

    1. Beautiful work from the figures to the base. The quote adds a very nice touch. Where did you find it?

  6. Tim G. Thanks. I make all the quotes up(some with historical facts squezzed in) for bit of fun and atmosphere setting.