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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

More of the battle Hebrew v Philistines

More shots of the defeat of the Philistines. A tough fought battle that ended in slaughter.
The battle opened with a dual between Goliath David. As in the biblical story Goliath on this occasion suffered a deadly sling shot between the eyes. Dice throws allowed the Philistines to pass all courage tests and continue the battle.
The Ark gave a +1 to courage like a general. Fighting on a small table and multi basing meant a lot of units were in range of King and the Ark giving +2 courage. However the Hebrews rolled high anyway. Probably the site of Goliath being killed by a boy was enough to convince the Hebrews divine intervention would win the day.
The chariots came in close and were shot up badly before they could do any harm to the Hebrews. The Hebrew forces were light spear ×2. Spearmen ×1. Ferocious warrior×1. Expert spear(King Saul). And 2 skimishers to represent the various Israelite tribes.


  1. Excellent Colin, I like the David and Goliath duel! I have the same Castaway figures. Did you enjoy the rules?

  2. The rules worked fine. It allowed me fight a small chariot battle on a small table. The small table was not a big issue as I had imagined. Just means less room for scenery and battle joining quicker. Chariot armies seem to have looked more open space anyway.

  3. Splendid figures and great pictures, no doubt!

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  5. Exellent but would love to see more pics of your figures.