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Monday, 14 May 2012

Gutian Warband

" They came pouring down from the mountains with screams and mighty fury.  The savage Gutians sent chills through the ranks of Akkadians  The line must hold ......"

Here we have a warband of Gutian hill tribes.  Fortunately for the Akkadians they will serve as allies in my army.  I like the primative almost stone age look of these warriors.  I have raised the bases up 2mm to give them more stature as they are slim sculpted with no helmets and armour etc.
Very nice sculpting again from Cutting Edge Miniatures and using Army Painter ink.  I have given copper weapons to reflect early period and technology.

They mainly seemed to wear goats skins which come in many colours.


  1. Very nice! Painting style and base, all is amazing!

  2. Excellent Gutian warband Colin. The big Impetus stands with basing always look good.

  3. Thanks guys. I was very happy with how this unit came together. Should look good with army.