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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sargon the Great

Here we have Sargon the Great.  Holding his men together for a fierce charge from the Gutian mountain tribe.  His dog will feast well this night, on their bones. Sargon was  hailed as a mighty warrior and leader up to Neo Assyrian times  and beyond.  With his well equiped army he created the first empire in Mespotamia.
These men are part of the Akkadian army who took over from the Sumerians.  A large sheild still kept in use for spearmen and differs in appearance more like later Assyrian or even Persian shields.

This a more pleasing size of unit for some and represents a 24 man block.  These are all Cutting Edge with a Castaway Arts drummer at the back.


  1. Sargon and his men are....great!
    Love the base too!

  2. Great looking unit Colin. Sargon looks the business and the dog looks pretty mean as well!

  3. I'm really enjoying watching this army come together. Your basing, by the way, is fantastic!

  4. Thanks guys. Next up will be a unit of Gutians (mountain tribes) to serve as allies.

  5. Replies
    1. EinarOlafson- thanks I did use your painting of Sargon for motivation and guide.