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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hittite Spear

Horns blow frantically and leaders scream to keep the Hittite phlanx in order. Surrounded by Egyptian chariots the men begin lose cohesion as arrows cut them down like wheat. The Hittite chariots must regroup or bloody slaughter will follow!!!


  1. Once again, beautiful stands! Congrats for this work, your bases are perfect, and the wounded men are a great addition!

  2. Lovely looking units - the figures match well and I love the compositions.

  3. Excellent units Colin, the Foundry and Cutting Edge spearmen mix really well!

  4. Great work, I love the animation of the units.

  5. Thanks guys. Very pleased at how they turned out. Not my best painting held too close, but nice at 2 feet away!
    Need to work on how to do bigger pictures for showing more than one unit. The mixture of poses allowed for this under pressure spear block look. Although Newline less well sculpted IMHO they allow extra poses and different hair styles to add variety.
    I like the similar but less uniform look of Hittite spear.
    For basing multi basing allows this look also. I will be doing maily 120mm but 50mm depth as I find 60mm too deep for spear blocks of 2 together.