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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Lullubi Warriors

"Muster all our spear and bravest warriors for the barbarians have swept down from the mountians.  They have served us as allies against they have gathered all their lands to destroy us all"

Here we have some Lullubi warriors form Sumerian/Akkadian times.  Would do fine in Hammurabic Babylon also.  They have had mixed hair styles but I prefer to keep them all scalp lock styles together as seen on reliefs in time of Sargon of Akkad.  I will create a new Gutian warband also to different mountain tribes and just for look.

These figures are Newline Designs and 2 Eureka.  My favourites are the 2 Castaway Arts converions(my first ever actually).  They have the
 short kilts .  They were a Philsitine and Babylonian origionally.  Heads from Hasslefree with added beards and scalplock.


  1. Wow - those guys are intimidating with their hairstyles. Nice painted and based as always too. Nice conversion work too - never would've suspected it.

  2. Thanks Dean. They look better in the flesh. Looking forward to creating more.

  3. Lovely job, and great photos!

  4. Excellent Lullubi Colin! Newline figures are nice - I only have the Eureka and Cutting Edge figures.