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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mitanni Chariot from Magister Militum 28mm


  1. Most impressive chariot, love the paint job and the base!

  2. Nice work Colin! How do they compare with the Cutting Edge and Foundry ranges?

  3. Thanks Phil. Cyrus...the figures are on the big chunky side but certainly not massive like Northstar NKE. They go better with Foundry. The Cab is also big and makes Foundry look small. Although probably good scale wise I find the Foundry cabs too small to the eye these days.
    I plan to use all chariots together but feel the above one better in their own elite unit with some swaps/conversions. A pack of 5 costs only £25 I believe. Very very cheap but may go up if range expanded to cover costs.

  4. Great work!
    I like the vertical bands on the horse armour, contemporary pictures show vertical bands on horse armour but most wargamers, myself included, paint them with horizontal.
    Keep up the good work

  5. Ooh,very nice, Colin - full of action and color.