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Thursday, 12 March 2015


Camera flash has let these down a bit, but very pleased with this unit in the flesh.  I have been working away with green stuff to create fur kilts an scalp locks and pony tails to create this unique unit.
The heads used on some are from Mad Robot  who just happen to make heads just like Amorites in Biblical era making them very suitable for conversions in this period.  Bodies were used from Newline Designs with Mad Robot heads ion some with beards also added to some.  The guy on top of rock is Castaway Arts Babylonian with Mad Robot head and spare head from Foundry Assyrians I think held in hand.  2 other Castaway Arts figures have been slightly converted and 2 Eureka appear as themselves.

These represent Gutian tribes around time of Sumer and Akkad into Hammurabric (1750 BC) period possibly.  I like the wild almost prehistoric look these have.  They were great fun to create and I'm sure I will do more at some point

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  1. Quite nice - the conversions are clever and effective.