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Friday, 13 March 2015

Impetus Gutian/Lullubi Army

Thought it would be nice to view my warbands together.  By the time I convert another 2 units I will have close to a full army for Basic Impetus rather than just allies to eg Sumerians or Hammurabic Babylonians.
As much as I like the Cutting Edge (middle group) I do prefer figure size/heft of side units.  Although the centre unit is more petite in scale, they seem to blend in due to same painting and basing etc. Flank units contain Castaway Arts , Newline Designs and Eureka with heads from Mad Robot and Hasslefree among the conversions.


  1. Very nice job, an impressive band of warriors you have here!

  2. The different makes look great together. The basing is really nice too - each a diorama unto itself.

  3. Great looking units and beautiful bases!

  4. lovely work on these great looking figures...the basing is top notch work as well!