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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Joshua at Jericho

Trumpets blast and the Hebrews roar and the walls come tumbling down. In this scene Joshua raises his sword in triumph as the walls of Jericho come crashing down. All will be put to the sword. No living thing will be left alive. Joshua here is based on the artist Jonny Schumates image. Joshua is heavily converted from Castaway Arts Indian figure applying kilt and armour with Mad Robot Miniatures head. Trumpets are from Castaway Arts colonial range on Hebrew command. Rest figures are Foundry and one Cutting Edge. Very happy with this dramatic base and great fun planning and making. Really enjoyed converting Joshua with Green Stuff.


  1. Top stuff Colin! I love all the trumpets, and the extrovert Joshua.

  2. Another excellent conversion Colin!

  3. Thanks guys. This unit can also just be a unit in Saul or Davids army. Also can be Cannanite.
    Versatile. But but like the dramatic idea of it being Joshua.

  4. Wonderful vignette and tribute, Colin. Don't forget Gideon as well (as far as being a unit of Saul's and David's.