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Friday, 10 February 2012

Hittite Interrogation

In this scene tensions are running high on the eve of the great battle of Kadesh.  The Egyptian officer struggles to maintain order amongst his men.  The captured Hittite scout is taking a heavy beating form monk warriors and will not yield information on the numbers of Hittite forces in the area.

Rammu (left) an eager Egyptian soldier, is seen being held back, his sword already drawn to smite the wretched Hittite.  The brave Hittite did not talk and Rammu was given permission to put an end to the interrogation, taking off the captives' head with one blow.
Rammu however failed to fully distinguish himself at the mighty battle of Kadesh the next day.  He was crushed by an overturned Hittite chariot fleeing the battle.

The figures are Cutting Edge with the Foundry viginette.  Again this represents and characterful spear block of NKE.  You can see the pain on the pain on the Hittites face.  Army Painter as usual.


  1. A very creative base! I like the touch of the soldier ready to strike.

  2. I do love this work, and the comments! Great job!

  3. Great composition Colin; love bases that tell a story.

  4. Nice one Colin - great poses on the Egyptian guards and Hittite prisoner!

  5. Thanks guys, it is great to get that viginette used after 15 years!

  6. Love this. Was just watching a mini-doc on Kadesh. Lovely stuff.