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Friday, 3 February 2012

Syrian/Mitanni/Cannanite/Hebrew Bow

As in the title these bowmen have multi use in many armies of the Near East.  I like to think of them as more Syrian with longer robes than Cannanites.  I suppose though in reality all troops would appear similar and came together as allies regardless.  A nice mixture of soldiers here.  Front 4 are Cutting Edge and back row is Foundry and Essex(who appart from many silly poses, do still have some nice stuff).  I feel they blend together rather well.


  1. Nice units...and a nice blog! I'll come back!

  2. Nice unit and nice paint job mate. Tell me, how do the Cutting Edge compare quality wisse with Foundry? Also, are they the same size?

    I only collect "true" 28mm figures (i.e. to the eyes) and was disappointed buying Foundry figures (different range) which turned out to be "28mm" but actually much smaller as they were 28mm to the top of the head.

  3. Cutting Edge are slim sculpted with head size being smaller and more realistic. Sculpting is least equal to Foundry and in some cases better (in my opinion).
    Chariots blend in very well together.
    Height wise they are true 28mm. Bowmen are probaly the best to mix in with Foundry.