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Monday, 20 February 2012

Thumose III

Here we have Thutmose III in all his glory wearing the double crown of upper and lower Egypt.   He is considered by many to be Ancient Egypt's greatest general.  Fearing invasion he took the war to his Asian enemies in 17 campaigns!  Best known of these is the battle of Meggido where he took on the mighty "chariot lords" the Mitanni in a colourful multi chariot clash.
I took a bit more time with this new model from Cutting Edge 28mm New Kingdom Egyptian range as I find the sculpting wonderful.  I have tried to create a colourful noble image fitting of this great Pharoah without being too busy on the eye.


  1. Nice Thumose Colin. I couldn't resist the unit deal of these even though I have plenty of unpainted Foundry chariots!

  2. Nice work as always, Colin. I'm coming back to this era - as soon as I knock out some other projects. I hope to add some units to a Trojan army for a possibly Hail Caesar game. Best, Dean

  3. Cyrus- I have a few Foundry also needing completion but these chariots were too much to resist for me also. You will love them.

    DeanM- Glad to see you coming back to this period. Those other projects can wait!

  4. Great painting, I like it a lot. I´m painting again my Trojans too. Some Cutting Edge miniatures are looking at me from my desk, I need to finish them. Blogs like this helps me to get inspired again.


  5. One more time, a great fig! Painting is amazing.

  6. Thanks again guys for kind comments taking time to look. This at the moment is my favourite chariot. I also am very much into Thutmose III due his military achievements.
    I have managed to get a sneak peak at Cutting Edge Mitanni/Syrian chariots and they are stunning. Plan is a battle scene of Thutmose against them.

    1. You did an amazing job painting these!!!! Where can I purchase them? I am doing a project on battle og Megiddo. I need that Thutmose iii and can't find it anywhere! Please help

  7. Finn18..Thanks for cooment this great model is found in as part of New Kingdom Egyptian range. Curteys Miniatures also stock them.